How to Decorate Your Home With Runner Rugs

Available in an array of colors and patterns, runner rugs are distinguished by their shape: a long, narrow rectangle. Here, we explore how to use this elegant style of rug to add color and personality to your decor.

Places To Decorate With Runner Rugs

Thanks to their long, rectangular silhouette that matches the shape of a typical entryway, runner carpets are generally associated with hallways. However, a well-chosen runner will lend a warm, welcoming touch to any room in your home.

Hallways and entryways

There are plenty of practical reasons to introduce a runner rug to your hallway. The entry point to your home, it’s the area that sees the most foot traffic – and floor tiles or wooden floorboards can suffer over time. Adding a rug can help reduce noise and protect the flooring underneath.

Runner rugs also help to create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. The narrow silhouette draws the eye away from the front door and into your home, as well as introducing an inviting element of warmth and texture.


Whether you prefer a traditional, vintage-style carpet or a more modern rug with a geometric design, runners let you put your design stamp on your staircase. Wooden stairs can be very slippery, which means that runner rugs play an important safety role. Not only do they help prevent falls, but they are also perfect for absorbing noise – a must if you have a busy household with people continually stomping up and down the stairs. Just make sure that your runner rug is properly secured to the flooring (and check it regularly) to reduce the risk of tripping over.


Bored with your kitchen? A runner carpet is a quick way to give your kitchen a makeover, adding color and pattern to even the most minimalist of spaces. The shape of a runner rug makes it an ideal choice, as kitchens are often configured with a worktop running the length of one wall, leaving a narrow, rectangular area of flooring to fill. Bringing warmth and texture to any style of kitchen, an inviting runner rug will help make it the heart of your home.

Tips For Buying Runner Rugs

Thinking about a runner rug for your space? Here’s what to consider before you start browsing.

Measure the space

Runner rugs are available in a variety of sizes, so it pays to measure up so that you choose the most appropriate one for your space. In a hallway, it’s important to get the proportions right. You’ll need to leave plenty of space (at least four to five inches or so) all around the rug so that it creates a pathway through your hall without hitting against the walls or doorways. Another thing to consider? Make sure that you can position your runner carpet symmetrically in the center, leaving enough room at either end to open and close your front door cleanly.

Consider the runner carpet material

When you’re choosing a runner rug, it’s important to think about where you’re placing it and select the material accordingly. If you’re looking for a runner carpet for your kitchen or hallway, for example, durability might be your main consideration. In this case, we’d recommend a synthetic material such as polyester, which can be cleaned easily and is able to withstand the moisture of outdoor shoes or occasional cooking spills.
Inspired to find a chic runner for your hallway, staircase, or kitchen? Browse our selection of modern and traditional runner rugs in an array of designs, sizes, and color palettes, and brighten up your home.