Why Choose Neutral Color Rugs?
Neutral rugs are always on trend, and it’s easy to see why. In subtle, restful shades of ivory, taupe, gray, and beige, they tone effortlessly with the rest of your decor, making them a versatile option that works with any colour scheme.
If you have brightly coloured wallpaper or accessories, for example, a neutral carpet will balance it out to ensure that the room does not feel overwhelming. If you have used neutrals to decorate the rest of the room, a modern beige rug will blend in beautifully to create an overall sense of calm. Beige is also likely to echo the flooring in the other rooms in your home, establishing a consistent tone throughout.

What to Consider When Choosing Neutral Carpets
Ready to start exploring neutral colour rugs? Here’s what to think about to find the right one for your living space.

Your Lifestyle
Minimal and relaxed, neutral carpets work beautifully in areas like living rooms and bedrooms for a feeling of cozy and calm. Think carefully before you introduce pale colours to busy spaces such as kitchens or hallways, as well as children’s bedrooms and playrooms, as they tend to show dirt more easily than darker shades.

Carpet Maintenance
While rugs of any colour require regular vacuuming, neutral carpets might need a little extra attention. Pale shades of ivory, gray, and beige pick up dirt and dust quickly, so be prepared to vacuum them more often to keep them looking their best.

Room Size
Neutral colour rugs all tend to embrace a beige or taupe palette, but they can vary in intensity (from light to darker) as well as warmth (for example, from cool gray to golden beige). So look at the size of your room to choose the best option. The lighter your carpet, the more it will create the illusion of a larger space. Warm, darker tones, on the other hand, help build a cozy atmosphere but might make the room feel a little smaller.

The Pros and Cons of Neutral Rugs

Still trying to work out whether a neutral rug is for you? Here are a few pointers to consider.

They’re timeless. Blending in with any color scheme and providing a good-natured backdrop for accent colors in the rest of your decor, neutral color rugs never go out of fashion – making them a wise investment for years to come.
They’re relaxing. Restful to look at, neutral tones are easy on the eye, and they won’t clutter a space like a multicolored rug with lots of patterns can. This means that they’re great for creating a calm foundation in areas where you go to wind down, such as bedrooms or bathrooms.
They don’t have the wow factor. Neutral rugs like to blend into the background instead of making their own statement. While a beige carpet certainly adds cozy texture to a room and makes the perfect canvas for more colorful elements of your decor, it won’t pack the same punch as a bold, bright rug in an eye-catching pattern.
They need some looking after. The pale shades of a neutral rug work wonderfully with any colour palette and are restful to the eye, but they will pick up dirt more easily. So keep them in low-traffic areas.
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