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Q: What is Free Home Trial?

It’s a service in which customers select up to 4 carpets (online or showroom). We bring over those selected carpets, lay them out for them to decide, and then they keep and pay for the chosen carpet(s), and our team takes the rest back, at no cost!


Q: What if I choose not to purchase any of them?

The customer doesn’t need to purchase any carpet if the selection doesn’t fit, although this happens very rarely. If that’s the case, the team simply takes back all the carpets. However, the customer can always select 4 more and schedule another free home trial.


Q: Do you have a service for washing carpets?

At the moment, we don’t offer this service, but we are more than happy to recommend companies we’ve worked with previously.


Q: What can I do if I drop wine or coffee on my carpet?

It's best to get the carpet fully washed, however in order for the drink not to stain much, get a clean piece of cloth and press it amongst the spill to get as much of the liquid out of the carpet.


Q: Do you repair carpets?

We don’t offer this service, but we are more than happy to recommend companies we’ve worked with previously.


Q: Can we return the carpet after its been used or placed under furniture?

Yes, exchanges and refund requests are entertained within 7 days of purchase date. Products must be completely unused and in its original packaging, along with the original proof of purchase.


Q: For refunds, do we receive the full amount back if we pay online via card?

No, the card processing company charges a service fee of 2.5% on the total amount for all online purchases made through our website.


Q: How many days will it take for a Refund on my card?

3-5 Working days


Q: I live in the UAE, is shipping is free?

Shipping all over UAE is completely Free.


Q: Shipping Fee for GCC (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain)

     - Free shipping on above 1000 AED orders (cushions)

     - Below 999 AED orders have a 99 AED shipping fee

     - GCC Small-size carpets (275cm below) and runners have a 99 AED of shipping fee

     - GCC Medium-size carpets (280cm to 370cm) have a 199 AED shipping fee

     - GCC Large-size carpets (380cm to 405cm) have a 299 AED shipping fee

     - GCC Extra large-size carpets (400cm onwards) have a 399-499 AED shipping fee


     Q: What recommendations can you suggest for cleaning carpets?

    Professional cleaning is the best way to go about cleaning your carpet.


    Q: Can we fold the carpet after its been sent for washing?

    This solely depends on the quality of the carpet, but it would be best not to fold carpets but rather roll them, in order not to damage the material.


    Q: Do carpets need vacuuming regularly?

    This is a personal choice, but it is recommended to use a vacuum with a rotating brush to clean the dust off of it, perhaps twice a week. This process will not damage the carpet.


    Q: Can we customize our own carpet?

    We do make exceptions, however we carry a great number of patterns, shapes and sizes for you to select from. Trust us, you’re in good hands.


    Q : How long does it take to receive the shipment on all UAE orders?

    Next-day delivery except on Sundays


    Q : How long does it take to receive the shipment outside UAE orders (KSA, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain)

     7-10 excluding customs delays


    Q: Do you have a showroom in Dubai?

    Google Maps location: https://goo.gl/maps/kVMS7CzYGXDwiqdK9   

    Store Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM


    Q: Do you have any installment payment method?

    No as of now, but we are currently working on it


    Q: Is there Cash on Delivery for UAE orders?

    Yes, we have both cash and card payment upon delivery


    Q: Is there Cash on Delivery for outside UAE orders?

    Yes, cash on delivery for KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman. Unfortunately, we don't have it in Bahrain


    Q: What if I received my shipment damaged?

    Send us the photo via email or WhatsApp for us to investigate and we'll get back to you as soon as possible


    Q: For UAE orders, can we have a free home trial for some of your carpets?

    Yes, we can send 4 different carpets to you, pay for your favourites and we'll take back the others


    Q: For UAE orders, is there any shipping fee?

     Free delivery on all orders


    Q: Is there any Return, refund, or exchange outside UAE orders?

    Yes, your 7 days returns and exchange policy will start once you received the product, and there will be a return shipping fee.


    Q: Is there any Return, refund, or exchange for UAE orders?

    Yes, 7 days once you received the product, and free of shipping charges


    Q: I'm a designer. Do we get a discounts/commissions?

    Yes, let's discuss this further by contacting our sales team at +971 54 701 7925


    Q: I changed my mind about cash on delivery for some reason, can you send me a payment link?

     Yes, we can send a payment link and you can pay online


    Q: From which country does your product make?

     Cushions = Turkey and Italy

     Carpets = Turkey, India, and Nepal


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