Round Carpets

What Are Round Rugs and Where Are They Used?

As the name suggests, round rugs are distinguished by their circular shape. Unlike rectangular rugs, which are measured by their length and width, circle rugs are sized according to their diameter – a straight line through the center of the circle from one outside edge to another.
The perfect curve of a round carpet will bring warmth and softness to any room in your home. It’s important to leave some floor space around your rug, however, so choose a space where it can be properly displayed without being squished up against the wall.

Styling Your Home With Round Rugs

While round carpets make a chic addition to any kind of space, from hallways to bedroom reading nooks, they can make a real impact in heavily used areas like your living room and kitchen. Here’s how to style them to their best advantage.

Living room
A round rug makes a wonderful focal point for your living room, particularly if you choose one in a bold colour or with an eye-catching pattern that picks up some of the colours in the rest of the room. The key is to work with the space available. You can choose to center a large rug in the middle of the room or use a smaller rug to transform an odd corner of the room by adding texture and interest.

In today’s open-plan homes, the kitchen often does double duty as a dining area. A large round rug can help you define a dining zone within the space. You don’t have to choose a round dining table and chairs to match the shape of the rug; the most important thing is to make sure that the circle rug is big enough to accommodate your furniture comfortably, even when you pull the chairs back to sit down.

The Benefits of Decorating With Round Rugs

Round rugs are an interior designer’s secret weapon. Adding a little magic to the spaces around your home, a round rug can:

Make Your Space Look Wider
The curves of a round rug are great for creating the illusion of a wider space. If you place a round rug in the center of a room, you’ll find that it draws the eye all the way around, creating a sweeping sense of movement to make your room feel larger and more open.

Highlight Architectural Details
Circle rugs create a natural focal point, so they’re ideal for calling attention to detail that you’d like to highlight, whether it’s a period feature or simply one of those quirky details that give your home its charm. You might want to place a round rug beside a bay window to emphasize its curves, or next to a chimney breast to complement the brickwork. You can also use a circle rug to shine a spotlight on another element of your decor, using the round shape to echo a statement light fitting, statement coffee table, or large vase.

Create Contrast in a Room

Whether it’s the clean lines of a kitchen worktop, a wall of cupboards, or the sharp edges of a dining table and chairs, some rooms can feel a little severe. A circle rug is a tried-and-tested way to create some welcome contrast, bringing curves and softness to an otherwise linear space. Adding a round carpet is a simple styling trick that can work wonders in any room.

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