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  • (5)
    I am interior designer and I work with different styles. I can always find different options in the shop. Rugs can be delivered in one day time what is also great and if you can't choose between few rugs they will deliver both to your home and you can check in your interior what you like more. I dont know any other shop in Dynai who will service like that.
    Viktorija P.
  • (5)
    As usual very professional and helpful team. Their trial service is a must when you want to see a nice carpet in your home before deciding if it fits or color matches. Very nice delivery team also. That is my first choice when I'm looking for carpets.
    Stephane J.
  • (5)
    Fantastic and smooth service. Free home trial for several carpets by professional staff, easy quick payment. Highly recommended.
    Ala J.
  • (4)
    Impressed with their carpet collection and team. The whole process of selection and purchasing was done on phone.
    Yash T.
  • (5)
    If you ever need a carpet place - then look no further! These guys are simply great. The team are so friendly and welcoming. They will guide you through their range with expertise. Then they will encourage you to select multiple carpets which you can then ask them to bring to your home for house trials. After that, you can choose which carpets you want to keep and pay on the spot! Here are some projects that I furnished with these guys. As an interior designer, I need a trusted place that I can keep going back to for every project!
    Mennah D.
  • (4)
    "The most thing I like is the customer service they offer... make my life very and their advices always meet my expectations Thank you very much "
    Mariam A.
  • (4.5)
    "The most beautiful decor piece I've purchased so far, love it”

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The Carpet Centre stands for affordability, availability and quality assurance. From the machine made contemporary and modern to traditional, Persian carpets, Persian rugs and custom-made carpets and rugs, we know we have something to suit your home, your style and your budget. Taking a free home trial for your carpet or rug before you purchase means we offer 100% satisfaction, guaranteed. 

Best Carpets and Rugs in UAE

Whether it’s natural fibres you seek, in silk, cotton, wool, cow hide, bamboo silk, banana silk and leather; or man-made modern alternatives, like viscose and polyester, The Carpet Centre has it all. We can also customise your choice of fibres in the style you like best; from vintage to modern, shaggy to patchwork carpets.

Our decade of experience separates us from other carpet suppliers in Dubai. The handmade and machine made products we craft at affordable prices have combined to provide the ultimate carpeting solution online across Dubai. For the best rugs and carpets Dubai and designer carpet experience Visit us at our showroom – conveniently located in Al Barsha - to see for yourself.