Cushion Bundles

Matching Cushions with Your Interior
Bringing life and warmth to an interior, a set of coordinating sofa cushions makes the perfect finishing touch. With just a few well-chosen cushions online, you can pull your decor together into a harmonious whole, or transform your living room with an instant refresh whenever you fancy a change. Discover our tips and tricks for matching cushions with your interior and arranging them with panache.
Modern or retro, minimalist or eclectic, there’s a cushion combination to suit every style of decor. When it comes to color, think about how they’ll sit with the rest of your interior. This isn’t simply a question of choosing matching colors: Instead, try softening a vivid color palette with cushions in neutral tones, or adding intensity with bolder cushions for contrast.
When online shopping for decorative cushions in Dubai, take a mix-and-match approach. Look for cushions of different colors, shapes, and sizes – this will help you create an informal, welcoming look that still feels cohesive and pleasing to the eye. Take the opportunity to play with texture: layer sofa cushions in different fabrics for a cozy feel, and add a sophisticated sheen to your decor with metallics.

How to Arrange Cushions
Once you have chosen your decorative cushions, it’s time to style your sofa. There are a few different approaches you can take, from symmetrical to artfully bohemian:
Traditional: Place a matching pair of cushions (one plain, one patterned) at each end of your sofa for an elegant effect.
Full balanced: Start with a pair of sofa cushions at each end, then add an extra cushion – perhaps in a different shape – in the middle.
Asymmetrical: For a less formal look, place two or three cushions at one end of the sofa, with just one or two at the other. This works best with an odd number of cushions and a variety of different shapes.
Centered: Instead of arranging your cushions at either end of your sofa, try overlapping them in the middle. Again, odd numbers work best here.
Finally, remember to keep your cushions plumped up, and try the “karate chop” to create a sharp dent at the top for a more inviting look.

How to Match Cushions with Rugs
The right accessories can really elevate a room, and the effect will be even more pleasing if you can get them to work together. Here’s how to match decorative cushions with area rugs to find the perfect pairing.
Choose colors that complement each other – for example, if you have opted for a warm, earthy palette with your rug, then echo that color family in your cushions. If you have a patterned rug, plain cushions can be a good way to pick out the main colors and create an overall feeling of harmony in your room. Finally, why not highlight the pattern of your rug by choosing patterned sofa cushions that show its motifs on a larger scale?
Browse our selection of decorative cushions in Dubai to find the pillow arrangement that makes your living space sing.