Medium rugs are an interior designer’s best friend. For your convenience, we have created a medium size rug collection to separate them from our full carpet assembly. Browse our selection of medium size carpets and find out how they can add color, warmth, and personality to your decor, no matter what your style.

Medium Carpets
Generally around 200cm x 300cm in size, medium size rugs are the multi-tasking heroes of modern interior design. These good-natured rugs are the ideal size for setting in front of a living room fireplace, drawing attention to a piece of furniture, or creating different zones in an open-plan space.

Are Medium Size Rugs Right for Your Space?
Medium carpets have a range of uses in a wide variety of settings. Let’s take a look room by room.

Open-plan Living Area
To make the most of an open-plan living space, it’s a good idea to divide it into different areas, or zones, and a medium rug is a perfect way to achieve this. Place a rug under the front feet of your sofa and arrange your armchairs around it to create a cozy living zone, or use a medium rug to define your dining area.

Separate Living Room
Whether you prefer clean-lined modern furniture, something more classic, or even a vintage feel, a medium rug will add the ideal finishing touch to your living room and create a cozy ambiance. Set the front feet of your sofa and side tables on the carpet, arrange your armchairs at right angles, and then add a coffee table in the middle.

Dining Room
As well as imbuing your dining room with warmth and personality, a medium rug is also a very practical option as it prevents your chairs from scratching the floor when you slide them in and out. Choose a rug that’s big enough to leave around 80 cm or so around the edges of your table so that you can accommodate the chairs easily. And while there’s no getting around the fact that your rug will need regular cleaning, choosing a durable synthetic fabric will make it easier to deal with spills when they do occur.

The secret to toasty feet in the morning? Stepping out of bed onto a soft, comfortable rug. You don’t need large area rugs to achieve this; simply position a medium rug partway under the bed, orienting it width-ways to create a border around the foot of the bed as well as the sides.

Are Medium Carpets Popular?
Neither too big nor too small, medium size rugs are enduringly popular. Their classic proportions make them even more versatile: Unlike a long runner rug, which needs a relatively narrow space, or a circular carpet, medium rugs are just the right size and shape to sit comfortably in any room in the home.

Whether you’re looking for a vintage looking rug to add cozy texture to your living room, a practical polyester rug to pop under a dining table, or a soft medium rug for underneath your bed, explore our selection of medium carpets in an array of patterns and colors to find the right one for you.