How Large Carpets Can Transform Your Living Space

If you’re looking to add warmth and texture to your home, a large rug offers the perfect solution. Covering a generous area of floor space but smaller and more flexible than a fixed carpet, a large-size rug brings you the best of both worlds. Read on to discover why this rug style deserves a place in any home.

The Benefits of Using Large Rugs

Whether it’s the array of colors or the intricacy of the pattern, there are plenty of reasons to fall in love with large carpets. However, large-scale carpets bring many practical benefits too.

Comfort and Warmth

Wooden floorboards or floor tiles might look chic but they don’t score highly in terms of comfort. Hard flooring can feel cold and slippery, particularly if you like to go barefoot. A large area rug will help create a softer feel underfoot, acting as a shock absorber so that you can walk around more comfortably.

Covering a large area of your floor with a rug will also make your space look warmer, adding a soft and cozy texture to your decor. Not only that, but your room will feel warmer too. A large rug traps warmth and adds a layer of insulation – something you’ll appreciate when temperatures dip.

Floor Protection and Noise Reduction

Even if you don’t have pets or small children, your floors can take a bit of a battering from day-to-day life. Simply moving a chair or wearing high-heeled shoes is enough to cause damage. This is where a large area rug comes in: with large carpets, you can protect your precious flooring from bumps, nicks, and scratches.

You’ll soon notice another practical benefit of a large rug. Carpets are great for absorbing noise and vibrations, so adding a large rug to your living space will allow you to walk around, host a dinner party or perhaps even enjoy an online workout without disturbing anyone on the floor below.

Enhancing Your Room and a Quick Makeover

A large area rug makes a beautiful statement in any room, and when it comes to expressing your personality, the bigger the better. Covering your floor with large carpets will set the overall tone for the room, both in terms of color and pattern. Traditional or modern, vintage-style or contemporary rugs, there’s a design to reflect every kind of style and by doing so on a large scale you can really put your stamp on your decor.
Large rugs have another advantage in the style stakes. More flexible (and easier to install) than wall-to-wall carpet, they let you experiment a little and be brave in your choices. A large size carpet is an instant, no-fuss way to brighten up a room and transform its whole aesthetic.

Looking to up your decor game with a supersized rug? Explore our selection of large rugs available in an array of generous sizes to find the right one for your living space.