How to make multicolored rugs work with your home decor

It’s easy to fall for the charm of a multi-colored carpet. Whether you choose subtle stripes, bold patchwork, or bright florals, a patterned multicolored rug in an array of different hues is a surefire way to express your style personality and add vibrancy to your home. But how do you ensure that your colorful rug doesn’t clash with the rest of the room? Here’s how to choose the best carpets in Dubai that complement your decor beautifully.

How do you style a multicolored rug?

The key to styling a multicolored rug is to make it pop, using it to create a focal point within a well-considered space.

Keep the other colors in the room neutral
When you introduce a multicolored rug to any room in the house, the trick is to ensure you have the right balance. A brightly colored rug set against an ornate pair of curtains or a floral patterned sofa might well make the room look too busy. So it pays to keep clashing patterns to a minimum and to limit the number of different shades in the rest of the room. Stick to a neutral color palette – taupes, creams, grays or monochromes are all good options – for the walls and larger pieces of furniture, and let your colored carpet stand out.

Match one of the colors to other elements in the room
Get clever with color to create a feeling of harmony in your room. Once you have decided on a multicolored rug, choose one of the primary colors in the pattern and pick it up across the rest of the room. You might want to add scatter cushions in the same turquoise as your rug, for example, choose gold light fittings to repeat the metallic gleam of the thread within the carpet, or even look for house plants to echo a particular shade of green – a stylish option for a living room. By matching specific hues to other decor elements, you can keep all eyes on your carpet while pulling the whole room together.

Brighten any room with a multicolored rug
If you’re looking to liven up your home with a pop of color, a multi-colored carpet is a simple and stress-free way to do it. A vibrant rug will work well in any room in your home, brightening up an all-white kitchen, adding warmth and texture to a bedroom, or bringing personality to your hallway.

To choose a colored carpet that you’ll treasure, it’s worth having a think about your personal style: would a traditional rustic style or a more contemporary graphic rug fit in with the rest of your decor? However, the most important thing is to have fun with it. Unlike a large piece of furniture, a rug is perfectly portable – so if you redecorate your room, you’re sure to find a space for it somewhere else within your home.
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