Unveiling the Craft: Spotting Differences Between Hand-Made and Machine-Made Carpets

Unveiling the Craft: Spotting Differences Between Hand-Made and Machine-Made Carpets

A beautiful carpet is an investment that can transform your house into a home, but shopping for carpets and rugs in Dubai does throw up a few dilemmas. Round carpets or rectangle? Vintage carpet or modern carpet design? And how do hand-made rugs compare to machine-made carpets?

In this guide, we’ll drill down into the differences between hand-made and machine-made carpets: the weave, the colours and the materials. Read on to brush up on your carpet expertise so that you can make an informed decision.

Hand-made vs machine-made carpets

How can you tell a machine-made carpet from a traditional Persian or Iranian carpet that’s been hand made by artisans? Here’s what you need to know:

Weaving pattern

Turn the rug over and look at the underside. Does it have a consistent weave, or can you see small knots and irregularities? If there are variations, this is a sign that the carpet has been painstakingly hand-knotted or woven by a skilled artisan. Every small variation reflects the artisan’s expertise, passed down through the generations, and adds to the charm and character of the rug.


One important feature that stands out is colour. Uniformity of colour tells you that a carpet has been machine made. Hand-made carpets, on the other hand, are often made from hand-dyed wool or silk, giving them a rich colour with individual variations throughout.


Does the carpet have fringing at each end? With a hand-made rug, the fringe is part of its structure, and is made from the warp ends of the yarn. If it looks like the fringes have been sewn or glued on, this is a sign that the carpet has been made by machine.


The material can tell you a lot about a rug. Vintage carpets are usually made from natural fibres such as silk or wool; with proper care, a vintage carpet should last you a lifetime. Machine-made carpets, on the other hand, lend themselves to synthetics such as polyester, which can be blended with fibres such as wool or viscose or used on their own.

Should I choose a hand-made or machine-made carpet?

That’s up to you! A hand-made Persian carpet is certainly a timeless treasure for your home. However, hand-made rugs take a long time to produce – anything from a few weeks to a whole year, depending on the size and the complexity of the design – and this will be reflected in the price.

Machine-made rugs are kinder on the wallet because power looms are able to produce traditional and modern carpet designs quickly and easily. They are also very consistent, so they’re a great choice if you’re looking for matching rugs or a carpet to cover a large area.

And don’t forget that you can get the best of both worlds if you choose a carpet that has been hand finished for an artisan feel at a more accessible price.

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