Top 10 Best Carpet and Rug Designs to Enhance Your Home in Dubai

Top 10 Best Carpet and Rug Designs to Enhance Your Home in Dubai

You know it's time to look for designs in carpets and rugs if you have a flair for interior aesthetics. We have compiled the top 10 designs of carpets and rugs that could elevate the visual standard of your home. Though the designs can be printed on all materials, we've jotted down the specifics of the artwork. 


Textured Design


The textured design of the carpet and rugs will be worked on the intricate layers focused on the material's texture. Textured carpets and rugs have become significant in Dubai over the past few decades. These carpets have always been the best in terms of rigidity and bear strong footmarks. Textured designs have always been the best choice for customers in Dubai.


Distressed Designs


Those wishing to quickly rearrange or switch between rooms prefer distressed rugs and carpet. The product's finish was intentionally manipulated to suit the customers' requirements at multiple levels. These designs have been largely implemented in many materials.


Distressed Traditional


The blend of traditional designs with distressed patterns gives a new outlook to carpets and rugs. The distressed conventional design pattern accentuates the global look of the interior. You can prefer these designs that come in various prints and colors. The diversity of the colors is an added benefit of this design.


Abstract Designs


Abstract designs carry multiple shades and patterns, thus making the carpet and rugs gel with the atmosphere of the interior. Abstract designs contain subtle variations suitable for different interior colors and spatial orientations.


Berber Diamond


Originally derived from North African tribal culture, Berber diamond design for carpets and rugs could be placed in top trends. Culturally rooted customers adorn the nativity of the designs. The novelty of this design gives a fresh look to the floor and overall interior look.


Grid Designs


Grid designs are commonly used for many properties and can be seen widely across Dubai houses. Though primitive, these designs embedded in carpets and rugs reveal and enhance the outlook of the floor and building. Grid designs extensively use the layers of the material to produce noteworthy outlooks.


Striped Designs


Similar to the grid, striped carpet and rugs sell like hotcakes in Dubai. The designs allow for distinctive patterns, shapes, and sizes. We recommend striped designs if you wish to throw a professional yet classic flooring decor for your space. The image created by these designs will be unique and fresh.


Oriental Designs


Though we live in the machine-dominated era, the love for hand-woven craft can be found in many products, including carpets and rugs in Dubai. Specific to central and South Asian cultures, these are called oriental designs. This occupies the top designs list as the beautifully carved piece of art beautifies the food and the entire space.


Faded Design


The new trend in Dubai is experimenting with faded design carpets and rugs in spaces that are used frequently. The minute artwork deeply etched in the material is dominated by the faded texture of the design.


Rustic Designs


The admiration for rustic designs can be traced to carpets and rugs, among many other home decor properties. These designs enhance your home by adding strong hues to the overall interior look.


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