10 Tips on How to Choose the Best Carpet for Your Living Room

10 Tips on How to Choose the Best Carpet for Your Living Room

Living room carpets come in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and patterns – so how can you be sure that you’re selecting a rug that fits in with your day-to-day life and reflects your sense of style? You’ll find all the answers in our handy carpet buying guide. If you’re wondering how to choose carpet for your living room, here are 10 tips to help you make the right decision.


1. Consider Your Lifestyle

Let’s get practical for a moment. First, think about your household’s daily activities. If you have children or pets, opt for a durable carpet – perhaps something with a busy pattern to disguise any spills and stains. If your living room sees less foot traffic, you can consider plush, high pile carpets for a luxury feel.


2. Select the Right Materials

One factor that will help you find the best carpet for living room decor is the material composition. Synthetics such as polyester are durable and easy to clean; lustrous materials such as art silk offer a subtle sheen and smooth feel; while natural fibres like wool are both long lasting and beautiful.


3. Create the Illusion of Space

Did you know that the right living room rug can make your room look bigger? Choose a pale-coloured carpet (it doesn’t have to be white or beige; a faded traditional pattern works well too), and think about using lines and stripes to draw the eye around the room.


4. Choose the Right Carpet Size

When looking at carpet size for your living room, the aim is to enhance the space without overwhelming it. One handy tip is to make sure the carpet fits under the main pieces of furniture, leaving a border of bare floor all around. If you have a large, open-space living room, think about using area rugs to define different zones within the space.


5. Carpet Color Selection

Selecting the right colour for your living room carpet is one of the big decisions that will determine your final choice. Neutral shades of beige or grey are enduringly popular because they are versatile and will blend in with any colour scheme. However, it’s important to think about your decor as a whole. Consider using colour to pull different elements of your decor together, or opting for a vibrant carpet in an unexpected hue to bring your living room to life.


6. Explore Carpet Patterns

Carpet patterns for living room carpets can set the tone for the whole room. Traditional patterns inspired by classic Iranian carpets and distressed, faded designs will add vintage flair to your living room. Geometric and striped patterned carpets, on the other hand, will make a statement in a modern, minimalist space.


7. Carpet Maintenance Tips

Good carpet maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity of your living room rug. Make sure you vacuum it regularly, clean up any spills promptly, and schedule professional deep cleaning as required. This will all keep your carpet looking its best for years to come. 


8. Budget Wisely

Luxury carpets for living rooms can be a big investment. Determine your budget beforehand and explore options within your range. Remember, while higher-quality carpets may be more expensive in the short term, they can be cost effective in the long run thanks to their superior durability.


9. Consider Your Flooring Options

There are various different flooring options for living room decor, which is another factor that will influence your decision. A traditional design in rich, vibrant colours looks wonderful against a dark wood floor, for example, while a fluffy pale rug will contrast beautifully with laminate flooring.


10. Try Before You Buy

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What type of carpet is best for a living room?

The best type of carpet for your living room is one that fits in with your lifestyle and chimes with your personal taste and the rest of your decor. Consider factors such as material, pattern, colour and size to find the right blend of comfort and style for your space.


How to choose carpet colour for the living room?

That depends on what you want to do with your carpet. You can use a living room carpet to pick up the colours in other elements, such as your curtains or wallpaper, to tie everything together and create a harmonious whole. On the other hand, a bright carpet can be a great way to inject bold, contrasting colour into your living room.


What colour carpet makes a living room look bigger?

Pale colours such as beige, ivory or pastel shades can make a living room look bigger by reflecting light to create an airy feel.


How big should a carpet be in a living room?

As a starting point, the carpet should be large enough to fit under the key pieces of furniture, with a border of exposed flooring around the edges.


What colour carpet goes with everything?

Neutral shades like beige, grey and taupe are versatile and timeless. They go with everything and complement any colour scheme.

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