What Are Vintage-Style Rugs?

Vintage-style rugs might look like family heirlooms, but they are in fact brand new. Showcasing traditional symbols, colors, and designs, and deliberately faded to give them the patina of age, vintage pattern rugs have all the charm of treasured antique carpets that have been passed down through generations but are made from contemporary materials such as recycled polyester and smooth art silk for comfort and durability. Effortlessly blending past and present, vintage-look rugs bring you the best of both worlds.

Why Choose a Vintage Rug?

Whether you opt for a traditional red and beige carpet or a distressed runner in subtle pale blues or earthy neutrals, there are plenty of reasons to decorate your home with a vintage look rug.

A Display of Color and Pattern

If modern geometric and neutral rugs leave you cold, then the intricate pattern of a vintage-style carpet might be more of a style match for you. Vintage look carpets pay homage to the past with designs that include traditional elements such as the border, field, and central medallion. They also celebrate the colors of antique rugs, which were made from wool dyed with a variety of plants and berries.

Rich in Stories and Symbols

Vintage rugs carry with them a wealth of meaning, and modern interpretations use many of the same motifs and colors to add a layer of storytelling to your home. Red, for example, represents happiness and wealth while blue speaks to honesty, and brown celebrates the earth. A single diamond is said to represent femininity while two diamonds joined together to represent a man and a woman. The popular paisley teardrop shape, meanwhile, is said to symbolize the seed of life.

Adds Warmth Through Inviting Texture

Made from modern fibers that feel soft underfoot yet are durable enough to withstand daily life, vintage-look rugs add warmth to any living space, whether you choose a large rug to cover most of the floor or a small runner rug to add texture to an odd corner. Thanks to their distressed, lived-in texture, vintage-style carpets have a pre-loved charm that will add warmth visually too.

Available in Large Sizes

One advantage that a vintage look rug will have over an actual antique is that you can find a carpet to suit your exact specifications. An antique rug is a one-off and will therefore be available in one size only. A vintage style modern version, on the other hand, will come in a variety of different dimensions, including large sizes, so that you can find the perfect fit for any room, no matter the space.

Are Vintage Pattern Rugs Still On Trend?

Deliberately designed to look older than they are, vintage-style rugs sit outside of fashion – so in a sense, they are always on trend. However, vintage rugs are certainly gaining in popularity. Interior design experts are increasingly turning to vintage pattern rugs to set the tone for a whole room, choosing a statement rug to build the overall aesthetic from the ground up. If you’re clever with color and pattern choices. Meanwhile, a vintage-style carpet also allows you to tap into current interior trends such as earth tones or cool neutrals while still maintaining an antique-style, cozy feel.

Inspired to add a traditional flavor to your home with a vintage-style rug? Explore our selection of vintage rugs, from long, narrow runners to round rugs and intricately patterned large carpets, to find the one that steals your heart.