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Red Carpets


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Deep and dramatic or muted and subtle, there’s a shade of red for everyone – and red rugs make a stylish addition to any home. Discover our tips for spicing up your living space with a carpet in this most striking of colors.


Which Red Area Rug Is Right For You?

When it comes to finding a red rug you’ll love, there are a few elements to consider. Here’s how to narrow down your options from our wide range of rugs.


Room carpet collection

This is the starting point for your search. The specific demands of the room will help you decide what kind of rug to choose: durable runner rugs for high-traffic areas, such as narrow kitchen space or hallway, or a sumptuous large red area rug for a living room or master bedroom.


Shape and Size

When it comes to strong colors like red, the shape and size of your rug can make a big difference in terms of its impact. small area rugs, like a narrow runner in rust, crimson, or cranberry will add a hint of warmth to a room; if you choose a large round red rug for the center of a living room, meanwhile, it will pack a real punch.



No matter what your signature style is, there’s a pattern for you in this popular color family. Our red rugs are available in a variety of patterns, from distressed vintage red rugs that sit well in traditional or rustic-style homes to modern rugs with stripes or geometric patterns for a contemporary flourish.



From bright lipstick to rich crimson, deep cherry, or more muted russets, red covers a whole variety of hues. A deep ruby red might work well with shades of blue in a vintage-style rug, while a lighter coral or fresh orange-red makes a great base for a modern all-over stripe.


Red Rugs For Your Interior

Fallen for the warmth of a red-toned rug? Here’s how to make it work with the rest of the decor in your home.


What Colors Go Well With Red Rugs?

While red is considered a statement color, it won’t necessarily overwhelm everything else in the room. Sure, a bright red carpet will pop against neutrals or monochrome shades of black and white. But you might be surprised at how easily a distressed red rug will blend seamlessly into a brown, beige, or terracotta palette.


Should I Choose Modern or Vintage Red Rugs For My Interior?

That all depends on your personal style. Warm and welcoming, vintage red rugs sit beautifully in a farmhouse-style kitchen or traditional hallway, particularly if you have wooden floors. If you’re more of a minimalist, red modern rugs are perfect for adding a bold accent to a contemporary home.


How Can Red Rugs Highlight My Home Decor?

Rich and vibrant, a red area rug can make a wonderful focal point in your home decor, bringing a splash of color to any room. A red rug is also a great option if you’re looking to define a particular area, for example creating a dining zone in your living room.


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