Modern & Contemporary

What Are Contemporary Carpets?

If you say a contemporary carpet, it’s the one that fits a modern décor. These rugs are suitable for homes and other properties with a more “informal” style. Colors and patterns vary, but you’ll often find sharp contrasts. The common motives include geometric lines and shapes, as well as abstract elements.

You can find a vast selection of contemporary rugs featuring diverse styles and colors. Whether you want a minimalistic décor or prefer a bold and unusual design, modern carpets are a smart choice. While contemporary rugs don’t often feature more than a couple of colors, their design can still be dazzling!

How to Choose the Right Contemporary Rugs for Your House

You decided on a contemporary carpet, but how to pick a suitable one? The primary considerations when purchasing rugs include:
Shape and size. You can pick from round and oval to rectangular and square sizes. Most modern rugs are available in multiple dimensions, so it should be easy to fit them in the designated location. It’s best to measure the area where you plan to put it and pick the piece accordingly.
Comfort. Do you expect heavy foot traffic on the carpet? If yes, you want stepping on the rug to be comfortable for everyone.
Quality. Using top-quality materials ensures your carpet will look as good as new for years. Additionally, some materials endure heavy foot traffic better than others.
Style and color. While contemporary rugs are often an excellent fit for minimalistic decors, you can find those with patterns and different colors. Make sure that the design complements the décor well.
Maintenance. Taking care of the rug shouldn’t be too demanding. You can find the instructions specified on FAQ page for more information. Make sure to read them to be familiar with how to take good care of your rug and ensures it stays in perfect condition for a long time.

What Are the Latest Modern Carpet Trends?

A modern carpet is an excellent way to add style and elegance to any room. Here are a few tips to follow to pick a trendy and dazzling combination:
Don’t run away from the patterns. Pick patterned carpets with unique and contemporary designs, and you’ll avoid them reminding you of a traditional rug.
Go with bold options in small areas. A carpet can be a section’s focal point. If you plan on putting it in a small space, pick a bold design. It’s a better option than coloring the wall since it will look elegant without attracting too much attention.
Experiment with different shapes. A runner rug is an excellent fit for the hallways. You can pick a round rug for the living room and a squared one for the bedroom. It all depends on your preference, but don’t hesitate to mix different sizes and shapes.
Neutral colors deliver that sense of calmness. These shades also fit the minimalist style, making them suitable for modern decors.

Ultimately, don’t forget it matters that the carpet fits your style and preference. Check out the impressive rug selection at the Carpet Centre, and you’ll surely find your favorite!