Carpet Cleaning Policy

  • Carpets are washed following standard procedures depending on the material of the carpet. While we will apply our best effort and expertise, we hold no responsibilities for the result of applying standard washing procedures to carpets cleaning.

  • We will do our best effort to remove any stains/ spots but can not guarantee full removal of stains, As it can depend on many different factors which are out of our control.

  • Minor changes to the carpet(s) colors after wash is common.

  • Minor changes to the texture of carpets are possible. Depending on the mixture of material used in the construction of the carpet, the carpet can get stiffer or softer compared to its original texture after the cleaning procedure.

  • In case the carpet is spot cleaned prior to a full wash, the spots that were cleaned earlier will appear in a different shade compared to the rest of the rug.

  • Note that any existing damage, defects can be exacerbated by cleaning

  • The Company's liability in case of damage is limited to maximum five (5) times the charge on the bill related to that particular item. Given in the form of store credit valid for two (2) years.

  • Standard turnaround is 4 business days. Note that some carpets will need extra days for the washing process to be completed.