Collection: Small

Even a small rug can have a big impact, no matter the size of your living space. Discover how to elevate any interior with a beautiful quality small carpet.


How to Decorate With Small Carpets

Generally available as short, narrow runners or small rectangles, small carpets give you maximum flexibility. Thanks to their flexibility, small rugs make decorating fun, allowing you to experiment with color and pattern, mix and match to your heart’s content and get playful along the way.


Enliven a Small Space with a Pop of Color

A carpet in a small size is an excellent way to dip a toe into hotter hues. More portable (and affordable) than larger carpets, a small carpet lets you add just a splash of bold color without the risk of overwhelming the rest of your decor.


Fill an Awkward Area

If you have an odd corner of a room that needs filling – the floor space beside a kitchen worktop, for example, or that no-man’s-land between the bathtub and the window – a small rug makes the perfect solution.


Tie a Room Together

While a vivid small rug is great for adding a splash of an accent color, a neutral colored carpet can have an equally pleasing effect: bringing the rest of your decor together to create a harmonious whole. This is especially effective in a small room or studio apartment.


Break the Rules

Plain or patterned, vintage-style or graphic and contemporary, a small rug lets you mix, match and rewrite the rules to define your personal style. Try arranging your rug horizontally instead of vertically; hang it on the wall; or layer it over a larger rug to create a riot of cozy texture.


Uses of Small Rugs

Not just decorative accents, small carpets have a variety of uses in the home. Create a cozy feel in your bathroom by setting small rugs by a double vanity; treat a small carpet like a piece of wall art and add texture to your walls, or try your hand at upholstery.


As a Shoe Mat

A small rectangular rug or a runner rug in polyester is the perfect size to keep as a shoe mat by the door or in your mudroom and makes a welcoming first impression on your guests. Choose a durable fabric and vacuum regularly to keep it looking its best.


For the Children

As every parent knows, keeping your home tidy can be a challenge when you have small children. Set a patterned rug under a children’s dining table or toddler’s high chair to protect your flooring and disguise the worst of the mess, or try using it as a playmat. A rug with an ornate pattern can be great for sparking their imagination.


For Your Pets

If you have pets in your home, you’ll find a multitude of uses for a small rug or runner. Try repurposing a small carpet as a food bowl mat, a trunk liner in your car, or even a comfy crate liner for a pampered pup.