Green Carpets

Bringing a hint of nature into your home, green rugs are the perfect way to add a sense of peace to any room. Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and patterns, our green carpets sit beautifully with any style of decor.

Why Choose Green Area Rugs
Ranging from palest khaki to subtle turquoise, vivid emerald, and dark moss, the green family embraces a wide variety of hues, and they all team beautifully with a host of color palettes. So if you’re looking to introduce the color green into your home with a green area rug, you can do so with confidence. A rug in bright green will pep up neutral decor, creating a natural focal point in your room, while deep forest greens sit well with dark woods (and hide the dirt well in a hallway or kitchen).
The appeal of a green area rug lies in the serenity it brings to your living space. Associated with the great outdoors and Mother Nature, green in all its variations is famously restful to the eye. So whether your taste runs to traditional decor or resolutely modern interior design, a green carpet is an easy way to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Interior Design With Green Carpets
Just like any other accent piece, a green carpet works to enliven your space with a splash of color – whether that’s a colorful runner rug in a hallway, a statement green area rug to create a lounging zone in your living room, or a small carpet with natural fibers to warm up a bathroom. Match it to shades of green elsewhere in your decor, or even with a selection of houseplants, to pull everything into a cohesive look.

Can Green Area Rugs Work in Outdoor Settings?
Given their color, green area rugs are a natural fit for outdoor settings; just make sure that you choose a durable rug designed for outdoor use before introducing it to your deck or patio. Green rugs are also ideal for bringing the outdoors in, reinforcing the indoor-outdoor feel of a conservatory, or even bringing a much-needed hint of nature to an urban setting.

Are Green Rugs Too Much For a Muted Interior?
While a vivid green rug will certainly make a statement, pale greens blend beautifully with a muted color scheme, adding a touch of unexpected elegance to an otherwise cream or beige room. Choose a dusky khaki or a light green with a little yellow in it to complement the calming effect of your neutrals.

Would Green Area Rugs Be a Good Choice for a Beach Home?
Blending the yellow of sun and sand with the blue of the sea, green rugs make the perfect option for a beach home; and if you pick a shade of green at the turquoise or aqua end of the spectrum, you’ll end up with a rug that’s pretty close to the color of the ocean. Choose a synthetic rug for durability and make sure to vacuum regularly to avoid a build-up of sand underfoot.