Blue Carpets

From pale sky blue to deep navy, blue is a shade on every interior designer’s radar this season, and blue carpets make it easy to get the look. Read on to discover how to decorate your home with carpets and rugs in every shade of blue, and browse our complete carpet selection to find blue rugs that fit your style and personality.

Blue Carpets for Your Interior
Classic or contemporary, here’s how to incorporate vintage-style and modern blue rugs into your home.

Blue Rugs for Blue Interiors
Looking to introduce color into your living space? One styling trick we love is decorating a room in different shades of the same color to create a sense of harmony. So if we’re talking about blue, you might want to paint the walls in a very pale shade, while choosing something a little more intense for upholstery and decorative cushions covers. Finally, add a vibrant blue rug or carpet for the perfect finishing touch.

Vintage Blue Rugs with Modern Furniture
Interior design doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, so why not embrace eclectic style and mix things up a little? Cool shades of blue in rugs with vintage design work very well with the clean lines of contemporary furniture. Navy blue rugs with intentional fading and distressing will add a touch of romance to hallways and living rooms, while vintage-style light blue carpets work well with pale wood and Scandinavian-style interiors.

Modern Blue Rugs with Geometric Interiors
Indigo, turquoise, or bright cobalt, blue has a particular affinity with geometric patterns. Whether you use furniture with bold, strong silhouettes to create the effect or turn to wall art and cushions printed with squares and circles, you’ll find that a round or rectangular blue rug makes the perfect partner – particularly if it features a sleek geometric pattern of its own.

Solid Blue Rugs for a Modern Feel
Blue rugs slot perfectly into contemporary interiors, with solid blue rugs delivering the ultimate shot of contemporary color. Make a statement when you contrast a vivid blue round rug with an otherwise neutral color scheme; liven up your bathroom with a small rug in solid blue, or create a media zone in your living room with a large high-pile area rug.

Home Decoration Tips with Blue Carpets
If you’re looking to introduce a little color into your living space, blue is a beautiful choice – and how you use it depends very much on the room you’re decorating. In its palest incarnation, blue’s cool tones evoke a sense of calm and serenity that’s ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms, while rich, dark shades such as cobalt or royal blue will add drama to living and dining rooms.
You’ll find that blue rugs pair well with all kinds of color palettes. Use it as an accent color with beige, white and other neutrals; team pale blue carpets with cool shades such as gray in a modern interior; or try a navy rug with deep red, ochre, gold and dark wood for a regal, vintage-style look.