How to Style Carpet Runners in Your Home

How to Style Carpet Runners in Your Home

Carpet runners are a wonderful way to make a statement in your home. Whether you are considering a runner rug for your hallway, a vibrant kitchen runner, or a soft floor runner for your bedroom, these long, narrow carpets will make a big impact wherever you choose to place them. Read on to discover how to make carpet runners work with your interior.

Styling Runner Rugs in Different Spaces

While we tend to associate runner rugs with hallways and entryways, these narrow carpets will enhance any elongated floor space. Here’s what they can do for your décor in different spaces around the home:


Your hallway is the first thing that guests will see when they enter your home – so why not create a welcoming first impression with a hallway carpet runner? Not only does a runner create a pathway to lead visitors inside, but it’s also an opportunity to add warmth and personality to your interior. Make sure to leave plenty of room around the edges so that the runner doesn’t overwhelm the space, and place a non-slip rug pad or anti-slip mat underneath your runner to prevent any accidents. 


A kitchen runner is not only practical but can also breathe new life into your kitchen. Place the runner in front of your sink or stove for comfort while you cook, or position it by the washing machine to define the utility area. When it comes to style, remember that kitchens are prone to spills and stains, so opt for dark colours and busy patterns in synthetic materials that are easy to clean.


A bedroom carpet runner adds a cosy touch to your sleeping area. Place a plush runner by the side of the bed to create a soft landing for your feet in the morning. As far as styling is concerned, bedrooms are the perfect canvas for layering different textures. Try a runner in the same colour palette as your curtains, bedding and cushions to create a cohesive look with a sense of luxury.

Living Rooms

Floor carpet runners are a great way to brighten up an awkward corner of your living room, or to create a zone within a large, open-plan space. They’re functional, too. If you have French windows, placing a runner in front of the doorway will help protect your floor, as well as defining an area to sit and enjoy the view of your garden or patio.

Choosing the Right Runner Rug


  • Material: For high-traffic areas like hallways and kitchens, durable materials like synthetic blends are best as they’re both robust and easy to clean. For the bedroom, you might want to treat your feet to an art silk or wool blend runner with a soft, plush texture.
  • Design: As with any floor carpet, think about how your runner will work with the rest of your décor. Try a vintage-inspired faded runner with a traditional interior, or consider a modern carpet with a geometric design to complement a contemporary home.
  • Size: Measure up carefully to ensure that the runner fits the space well. Typically, a hallway runner should be about 4-5 inches narrower than the width of the hallway, with space at both ends. You don’t want your runner to touch the walls.
  • Safety: Finally, don’t forget to place a non-slip mat underneath your runner to prevent accidents.



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