Our Services


Great deals comes with countless trials, we are glad to offer our free home trials to any of our product designs. You can choose three from our leading carpet designs that you think best for your home. Through this offer we can rest assure to our valued customers the quality of our carpets as compare to other local carpet companies. The significance of our clients are also in concern, that is why we are coming up with this free home trials so can see and feel what our carpet looks like before you buy one.



Our company go beyond the needs of our customers, purchasing carpets and rugs in Dubai is always been easy but having the right carpet should take into consideration. Supported by one of the greatest carpet designers across the country, we are offering free interior design consultation for you to decide which type of carpets perfectly matches your home. Through our free interior design consultation you are free to choose from which of products best fits every single of your home. Through the help of our interior professionals we can rest assure our clients that they will get what they wanted to achieve to improve their house and turn it into a relaxing home.


Through our continued support with our beloved customers, to assist and maintain the quality of your carpets. We in Carpet Centre together with our sister company dubaicarpetcleaning.com helps you for you carpet cleaning solutions. Just go through the website and fill out the forms depending on what type of carpets you have. Our company works together with dubaicarpetcleaning.com in case of spillages and general damages might have occurred. We rest assured that your carpets will always look fresh and new that is helped by our great partners just for you. To get to know more about the services and prices feel free to visit dubaicarpetcleaning.com to help you recover your carpet to its original condition.


Our company also provides custom made carpets for you to choose your preferred designs suited for the size of your home. We gather the greatest Dubai carpet designers, we can create carpets that matches your idea suited and tailored fitted to the size of your home. Feel free to contact us so that we can arrange necessary things, so together we can start creating your dream carpet for your home.